Found Links

Links that were spammed to friends, now all in one place

The Killers celebrate 10 years of Sams Town (wish we had gone)

Midcentury Modern = Pumpkin Spice Latte Interior Design

…but it’s better than Beige, which took over the design of American Homes

And the American Room

The Quest for Blue Food Coloring (1 of 5 excellent NYT food issue articles)

Amazing Photos of Food

The quest for healthy frozen pizza

The story of Tomato Pie

The story of Fogo De Chao

Mexican Chinese Food has deep roots

Awesome video about the making of Chinese Soumian Noodles (want!)

Don’t feel any affinity to this list or the makers of, but super funny nonetheless, especially Y

Things I needed to Google this week for Steph

Help! I’ve melted an oven mitt on my gas range grill!

How to remove turmeric from your skin

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